I saw this great video today with Graham Hill doing a TED talk about his new idea. Called the Weekday vegetarian. Could be seen as very weird of very great. The weird side is why not just friggen jump in and do it for God sake especially when you know all the stats about The carbon foot print of animal production, when you know that Cows are the biggest source of pollution on the planet, they take 4 times as much water as plants etc. Watch it. The Great side is you are 3/4ths there.

There being better health, weight loss, really being part of a more sustainable planet. Doing your part to insure the future of things being sustainable here. Then their is the spiritual aspect of Ahimsa. There is the Spiritual aspect of eating lightly so you can maintain a meditative mind. There is the spiritual aspect of not killing. This doesn’t even mention the conditions of the animals but this is really about the condition of you.

Evidently meats tastes good. Sorry it has been so long for me the memory is not there. I don’t even like meat substitutes. The taste things is sooo important I understand. I also understand that if you take a 40 day pledge to just eat a non meat diet by the end your taste buds will change. That is my biggest problem with this weekday vegetarian. There is no chance for your taste buds to change and love the clear clean taste of a vegetarian diet.

So think about what you are willing to do for you and the planet and get back to me. I want to know how far you are willing to go to take care of both you and your momma???



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