What price would you be willing to pay for a clear mind without taking Ativan or Ritilan or some other mind enhancing focusing drug? I know these are the big study support drugs at this point. Would you love to have a great ability to focus and stay focused on whatever task you have in front of you without drugs? If yes, let me share my best clear and focused techniques.

Knowing how to clear the mind is the first step to focus

1. Watch and do this video. http://youtu.be/ryYS4m-ypS0

2. When you are stressed and can’t let go of something r have had a challenging exchange try this. http://youtu.be/WZGwB_IwkVw

3. What you eat matters. Eat live food. Yes, you know the carb deal but try live food, live food bars, chomp on carrots, celery, avocados, cucumbers. No prep needed other than a knife maybe. They will keep you sustained and clear minded. Celery so good for the nervous system. Yes, they don’t come wrapped. They don’t have a long shelf life, but you will have a long brain life if you do it.

4. Try 5 HTP this is only a suggestion. It helps with the serotonin levels.

5. Remember to get up and exercise even if it is right by your desk something to clear your head. I keep my yoga mat right by my desk and go upside down often during the day. Try it go look through my videos on www.youtube.com/theenergyguru

6. Eat Brain foods. Drink gingko tea and green tea as opposed to black tea or coffee. Green tea good. Too much caffeine will make you crash very soon not a sustained thing. Remember energy drinks steal your energy and your youth meaning your vitality and your power source. They leave you high and dry with heart palpations. Say yes to the things that will truly sustain you and back away from the cheaters.







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