Which will you choose, Anxiety or Calm? Take a moment. Which one? Which one do you usually choose? Consciously or unconsciously? What tools do you have to switch you from anxiety (acceptable in society) to calm.

So many people are afraid that if they lose their anxiety they will also lose their drive. I have had people tell me they are afraid of meditation and getting to a place of calm, or worse yet, a place of blank mind. They think they will forget everything they know. They are afraid they will lose their edge—that famous edge that most people are powered by. Caffeine, sugar, stress and lots of anxiety is what we often power our divine being with. They work together as an amazing triumvirate. They are in charge of your life. Yep, you don’t choose them. You did that long ago, but see if you can just say no to them all and stay away from them!!! If you can’t, then they own you. You are addicted to keeping your anxiety alive and well.

If you should want to change that relationship, then please take 5 minutes and watch this. Don’t just watch it, do it and then commit to creating 1, just one, new habit that can expand your calm. Don’t worry about anxiety. If you leave your bad friends behind (The caffeine, sugar, and stress) and embrace this meditation, even for just 3 minutes 2x/day, you will see a big difference in just 40 days. Sound like a long time? Think of all the things you have done for 40 days. No problem.

Watch this and see if there are gifts for you inside 5 minutes max:

Love You and Blessings,


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