There is enough uncertainty going round these days to sink us all. What are you doing with yours? Uncertainty is part of life until you are completely merged with the divine. We don’t love uncertainty and do our best to mitigate it. Here are some suggestions of how to work with yours in these massively uncertain times.

1. walk around doing break breath ( inhale in 4 parts and exhale in 4 parts through the nose or mouth)

2. Chant use this sound current that can balance you by the action of the tongue playing with the meridians on the roof of your mouth. Har Har Har rolling the tongue across the roof of the mouth wakes up the pineal, the thalamus and hypo thalamus glands it will give you a clear head and juicy you.

3. Uncertainty makes our stress level go up and glandular system tank. do tapping with tight fingers across your entire chest especially on your thymus gland on the right side of your breath bone. ( you may feel a tender spot ) do it 1 min.

4. do this clear your head.

5. Take walks in nature

6. know what feeds you and do that. (oh not junk food) The bad food is a big tendency during uncertainty.

7. watch your words. Act as if they were jewels. When stressed we get quick and sharp do O breath to get you back. Make an O out of your mouth and inhale and exhale from that beautiful opening.

Then let me know tips and treats you have to deal with uncertainty.



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