There are many, many crossroads in our lives where we have no idea what to do with or for a situation. What do you do when you are at one of these crossroads? What if the crossroad last for a really long period of time? What then? It’s easy to say do yoga, meditate, pray, but which ones? For what works one time may not be what you need at another time.

A few days ago I was going to a class of a friend. As I walked in the front door of this center  a cat fight broke loose.   A man burst through the front door with a woman acting like a crazed cat chasing him trying to stuff something in any part of him she could. He ran down the hall with her yelling after him in a truly nasty tone. “Nice job towing me away yesterday.” The person next to me retrieved the paper she was trying to stick in or on the man who fled and calmly handed it back to her. It was as if he was seeking sanctuary and she huffed off muttering and mumbling. Then the person who retrieved the paper said, “Quick put on triple mantra”. Good choice to create protection but what was needed was clearing the space first. A spritz of essential oil, some sage or frankincense or Tibetan incense. A little sword work and then reestablish the protective cover that had been blown.

As I was going down the hall I saw the same man coming towards me. I said, “Next time turn and face her. Don’t run from fear. Face her, encompass her vibrationally and create protective mantras around you both. Then ask her, “Do you really want to act like this?” Ask it very kindly and calmly not judging her. You have a negative interlock with her. You have to let go, too.

What do you need to release? What are you locked into that is serving no one? Such a good time to see the other as you and bless bless and then cut the cord that creates the crazy making. Don’t expect all these words to be sweet. Sometimes they may be harsh.  It is the intent.  If the intent is NOT harsh then fire away. If the intent is harsh then even the sweetest words turn to stone.

Stock up on tools to not buy the craziness that is so pervasive. The Moon Center give you ways to claim your gifts.   Every 2.5 days new gifts appear. Being crazy keeps the gift at bay and life becomes truly a living hell. Release hell and get this secret science the Moon Centers.  play in the site and the store. You will get bonus goodies.  Then get the Moon Centers.