Tuesday evening I  called this young woman back who has been sick for quite some time now with lime disease? or fibromyalgia, or something which they can’t name and the medical profession is not okay with that untitled disease. She had texted and called me several times while I was speaking with Keith so I called her back as soon as I got off the phone. What she told me was shocking.

She and her mom were driving down a main street in The Valley, meaning San Fernando valley for those not in the L.A. area or as we say the other side of the hill, when a pine tree fell on their Lexus SUV. Yes the entire tree. Who said there was no adventure living in LA was wrong. This is not the first time I have had a dear friend have this experience. Pines and Eucalyptus trees have very shallow root systems and in a wind they just dance out of the ground. This one forced branches through the windows and dented the roof and front of the car but by the grace of their angels and good driving they were unscathed. At least physically.

She asked me. “What do you think this means?” I gave it right back to her asking her what she thought it meant. He answer was ” I hope this hell is over and this was just the end.”  Then I could say what I felt which was.” Honey you have lots of work you need to do yet so muster that energy and be ready to come back to life.”

She was happy to hear that.  It actually made her laugh which is not something she has done allot of recently. Sometimes we just need to remind eachother that we each have unique gifts. To ask,” How are your sharing yours?” How are your gifts serving you and the planet? The big why’s the why are you really here questions. The great thing is that if you are really allowing your life to open up, to blast forth, to be uncomfortable and scary the answers will change. If you are looking for safe, solid, secure unchanging you just may have signed up for the wrong planet. Just ask the people in Haiti, Chile, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rawanda and literally every place on earth including here. What is it you need to be contributing to to complete your stay?

My love said to me last nite, “It’s not that I don’t have fear, I do it is that my fearlessness will prevail.”  How truthful and beautiful of a statement is that. Grace is up to us to cultivate and welcome. Grace so we can have the courage, the heart to do what is required of us this lifetime. The Astrology, numerology, psychics etc are all to give us guidelines to unveil our path so we can walk that path or something better, greater than anyone has conceived.

Meditation is the great unveiling of self. The closet clearing, the mind sorting, the barrier breaking the revelation of what is. So don’t force  life  to let a tree fall on you or a major disease hunt you down to wake you up. Choose to wake up. I have some great support tools Go to http://tinyurl.com/ykxmoqw then products and treat yourself to a video. Do it, it will give you life force instead of forced life.

What are you waiting for to start living your destiny? What are you waiting for to lead with your heart? What are you waiting for my dear ones the moment is here. Hear each other and proceed forth leaving caution to the wind. Hear your own inner voice and if not do what it takes to do so. Thus the invitation to own and use any or all of my DVD’s they were made for these times.



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