Being radiant is what makes you truly beautiful and contagious. Not the dis-ease-kind-of contiguous but the everyone-wants-to-be-around-you contagious. Because you radiate love, joy, compassion.

We know beauty is more than skin deep, but what is true beauty? One time, my teacher, Yogi Bhajan, told us this story of this very, very wealthy man who married this very, very homely woman, but  she was really, by everyone’s standards, ugly. But they were invited over to their house and this man was totally smitten with her. Then they saw why. She was gracious, loving, kind, intelligent and radiated an inner confidence, connection. She actually was beautiful but not in the way we might categorize beauty. Yet she was, and you are. Let’s bring that out yes?

How can you be all this?  Let’s face it, there are many ways into this state of radiance, but so many of us get caught up window shopping. We do a little of this and little of that, then claim nothing works.

I am into deep dives. How about you? That is where you get the goodies of life, not just skimming the surface. Anything worthwhile is worth a deep dive.

Relationships are like this. Learning anything new requires a committed connection. That is where the payback comes into full power.

Caring means you have the energy to do so. Lack of caring often comes from lack of energy

What have you done recently that required you to be all in? Did you resist or jump in head and heart first? Not flirt around the edges?

I am trusting that you are a jumper. here is your platform. Go check it out.

Jumping not off buildings, but into vastness when you see it; that you will jump in when you see something that can truly be of value to you long term. Be of value to your essence, your heart, your community. Am I right about you?

If you want to know how to build or rebuild your inner confidence and beauty, then please jump on this train with me and understand how the moon centers can do this for you. At least in this 6-week intimate dive with me. I will be with you for the whole journey each week.

Go check it out.

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