Had to laugh. I typed in “wines” for “winds” and as I was changing it, I realized, yes, sometimes we whine about change, yes? One student once asked if they could bring wine on a retreat and one of my long-time students in a very “whiney” voice said, “No whining allowed.” Loved her saying that. Cause we often waste a lot of energy whining out loud or silently.

So what changes are up for you? Are you embracing them? Resisting them? As Keith would say, “Are we buying into the phenomena or can we let the phenomena wash over us and glean the lesson from it.” Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t.

I was at FedEx the other day and this FedEx employee was kind of wandering around. The other person said, “What are you looking for. “The first woman answered, “My mind.” Then she explained what she was stressed about. She had taken on this crazy task of moving 14 dogs from Ohio to Northern California, hauling a UHaul, a 38-hour drive in 2.5 days. Oh, and the dogs are rescue Dobermans. That was a crazy bite off of life. So, I thought, what the heck, teach her 4-part breath. I showed her and she said, “That is what I do when I cry.” Meaning that she was never going to do the breath. It was more important for her to feel stressed, talk about her stress, feel more stressed, and talk and whine some more. Yet, I will never stop sharing, for someone will remember it and use it and that makes it worth it. It’s only an offer. The other has to say yes to the offer.

Have you ever done this? The only real question is, are you ready to call it quits with this relationship? This totally unhealthy relationship that keeps you in a state at all times?

I don’t want to make this long. I want to make this effective, my love. Please do this meditation, yes, now, or as close to now as you can. Then, come back.

2 Meditations to Get Rid of Upset

ESP fingers interlaced pointing towards the heart with thumbs stretched out. Saturn and Saturn and Sun and Sun fingers are pulling
on each other
Eyes tip of nose
Chant Ong Kar 5 times per breath out loud
pulse navel
How was that love? Did you do it? If not, go do it, then see how you feel.
I want you to have tools. Have you seen how many programs I have created so you have support at whatever level you can afford? My intent is to support you.
Ha! When Yogi Bhajan used to come teach, he would teach and take all the money—ALL the money and we let him. It took us years before we said we have to take out the cost of the rental space and publicity, which at that time, was flyers and printing, not even distribution. Then longer, before we said we need to cover your plane fare and your secretary and food. Trust me, we had NO money but a lot of love. I paid for all I learned and therefore I truly and deeply value it.
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