How is your energy? What are your top 5 energy stealers? I know mine. Going to share them, so you can then share yours, yes!


My Biggest Energy Stealers (at least for now) are:


1. To not get sucked in into others’ challenges. Compassion, not Empathy or Sympathy

2. Allowing myself to lose energy (getting upset… about anything).

3. Believing something to be true that is a relative truth (I’m good with absolute truth).

4. Taking people at face value.

5. Working long hours and not allowing myself to get in the ocean as much as I need. I’m good with daily exercise. This is changing (I’m writing these ocean times in my calendar).


These stealers can be food, drink, people, ways of life, habits.

YOUR 5 biggest energy stealers. List them here.


  1. _________________________________________


  1. _________________________________________


  1. _________________________________________


  1. _________________________________________


  1. _________________________________________



Now, you need to know the antidote for your energy stealers right? What can you do when these people, places, and things come knocking at your door?

Have an interrupter on hand. One that you do on a regular basis that will be in the forefront of your mind when these stealers show up.

When stressors hit, we often revert to old, not-so-yummy habits till you have new ones in place to support you.

This is a totally easy one. Stand up and shake your whole body for 3 minutes. That’s it. Try it. It rearranges everything.

Watch this, my love.


Antidote to Energy Stealers


Then do this meditation:

Gobind the Sustainer – 8 times (Ashtanga or Infinite mantra) for at least 3 minutes, but please stretch it to 11, then 22, then 31 minutes each day so it can become yours.


It’s now yours but… will you embrace it and utilize it? That is up to you. How much do you want to banish your energy stealers?

Can you say, yes, to getting these priceless tools that helped keep you sane and empowered? I know these will work for you. Just show up and do them for 10 minutes a day.

Use these to support you all day long. Trust me, it’s the best money you will ever spend.

Super reasonable. You won’t believe it. Get 1 for you and 1 for a friend. True friends want to empower their friends and share what works, yes!!!!

I am cheering for you to say, yes, to the Empowered version of you. Trust me, I use all these.

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