You want to feel like I did yesterday and all days that I am filled with the amazingness of huemanity. Since my daughter’s illness the generosity of people has been brilliant ( you have to say that with an Irish accent to make it really sound the way I feel). Over the top. No expectations i just put out the call and truckloads of support has come in. Yesterday was the culmination. Her fundraiser. We had so much it blew the brain recptors of many people. They had so many things they wanted that it was over the top. People called me afterwards and said can I bid more. I really want that but it closed last nite so no but… I still have great things available. And more to come.

This is the season of generosity but generosity really comes from the spirit being moved. How do you allow your spirit to be moved into kindness and compassion? What really inspires and motivates you? I want to know. I will share with you what rocks me. Seeing the kindness of others. Seeing people step into and claim their own greatness and make commitments to feed that greatness. Kindness in times of need. Innocence that allows you and me to be present. That is what innocence does it stops us in our tracks because it is not ordinary.

I want these things for you and I want your input on how I can help feed you in the new year. Let me know because this is my mission in life to truly make you your own Energy Guru. To give you new, more effective and better ways to support the essence and the container (body) of you.

Have blessed Holy Days and do that which will give you and those around you true peace and joy. Heart to heart soul to soul. I hold you in my prayers.



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